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why former head of the cia david petraeus volunteered to testify as we learn more about the scandal that ended his career. mitt romney opens up and takes a swing at the obama campaign. what romney now says was the difference in the presidential election. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. it's thursday, november 15th. and you're waking up to another chilly morning. get used to it. seems like these cold temperatures starting to settle in for good. >> 6:00 a.m. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom, what is going on? >> hot pwefrbeveragehot beverag. get fort tied. >> yeah. i need more hot beverages at this point. >> it is feeling like a winter morning than late autumn. disturbance producing rain down to the carolinas well to our south. under the clouds we're not as cold. at least they held a little bit of the one from yesterday. 42, reagan national.
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eastern shore, northern neck. generally in the upper 30s, low 40s. farther west in montgomery county, arlington, fairfax and prince george's in the mid and upper 30s. much colder shenandoah. 7:00 a.m. mid-30s around the metro area. a little sun. hour by hour throughout the day. light wind. highs reaching near 50 midafternoon. i'll be back with a hometown forecast in 10 minutes. good morning. still watching the delays grow on i-95 northbound. because of the crash at 123. blocking the left side of the roadway. you're getting by on the right. chopper 4 signaled from them. as they make their way towards the exit, 51 minutes from quantico to the beltway. let's talk about i-66. unusual delays in this area. not terrible. but stop and go, especially around the bypass. heavy on the brakes in that
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area. as you get closer you are slowing down just a bit as you make your way towards the beltway. aaron, over to you. breaking news. >> overnight, a rocket attack from the gaza strip in israel. israel launched an offensive killing the hill dear commander of hamas yesterday. 11 palestinians have been killed, 100 injured in the past two days now egypt is asking the united states to push israel to stop the offensive against hamas. lawmakers will begin getting more answers about september's deadly attack on in benghazi, libya. house and senate intelligence committees will hold hearings about the attack which killed four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. republicans have been criticizing the obama administration for not responding quickly enough to the violence outside the consulate. michael morrel is expected to
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testify today. we will wait until tomorrow to hear from former cia director david petraeus. it was unclear until yesterday whether he would still answer questions after his sudden resignation late last week. he will not discuss the sex scandal that cost him his job during that closed hearing. president obama telling republicans to come after him, not his cabinet for his administration's response to the attack in benghazi. he lashed out against republicans who have been critical of u.n. ambassador susan rice. they blasted her for saying it was sparked by an anti-islam film despite evidence that it was a coordinated terror attack. the president says she was just giving her best answer based on the intelligence she had been provided. senator john mccain is even trying to block -- threatening to block rice from becoming secretary of state if the president chooses her to succeed hillary clinton. quickly approaching fiscal cliff is already giving investors on wall street a
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scare. dow closed down 185 points yesterday, third triple digit loss in a week. nasdaq is down 10% from september. the fear of grid lock on capitol hill is driving the tailspain. president obama says there is room for agreement. >> as i've said before, i'm open to compromise and i'm open to new ideas. and i've been encouraged to hear republican after republican agree on the need for more revenue from the wealthiest americans as part of our a arithmetic if we're serious about reducing the deficit. >> the president did say he would not accept continued tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of americans. mitt romney is offering a frank analysis of why he lost the election to president obama. he said gifts offered by the president to minority voters pushed hispanics, blacks and
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young people to vote for him again. like the passage of obama care, forgiveness of college tuition. today the president is scheduled to visit staten island where he will meet with first responders and evaluate recovery efforts. it is the first time he has toured the damaged zone since two weeks ago when he visited parts of the jersey shore with governor chris christie days after the storm made landfall. two of new york's major power companies are under investigation for how they responded to superstorm sandy. con edison and long island power received subpoenas yesterday. yesterday requesting records on restoring power and
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communicating with customers. the storm left 2 million in new york in the dark for days. it is unclear why a man pulled a began on a sheriff's deputy. he was trying to serve a peace order, similar to a protective order. a woman answered the door, let the deputy in. then a man came out from another room with a gun. the deputy fired his weapon, killing the man. neighbors were surprised to hear the deadly shooting in that home. >> what really happened, i don't know. but still. somebody in our neighborhood is dead don't because of something. and it's so not good. >> the sheriff's deputy is on administrative leave which is standard procedure during an investigation like this. police need your help identifying the man in these surveillance pictures.
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he robbed a walmart on route 198 and shot a store manager. the manager followed the gunman outside to the parking lot. rescuers took him to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. 6:07. serious health concerns for something millions of americans drink to get through the day. >> tom kierein will tell us if there's an end in sight. emergency room doctor involved in a violent crash. what police found that has her
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welcome back. a suspected drunk driver is caught on video crashing into a car in massachusetts. the traffic camera shows the 56-year-old emergency room doctor speeding through a store parking lot, jumping the curb and over the sidewalk, look right there, and crashing into a stopped car at a red light. the man in the car spent a few days in the hospital with cracked ribs. police arrested the doctor on
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the scene. she was wearing her scrubs at the time. she's facing a dui charge. another chilly day, thursday morning, we want to check in with tom kierein for our forecast and see how long this cold is going to last. tom? >> live view there. weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. a lot of cloudiness over the region. a little bit of warmth from yesterday. it is above freezing. but elsewhere, farther west and north, it is below freezing. and later today hometown forecast, by 8:00 a.m. cloudiness in the 30s. mid-40s with sunshine breaking out during the afternoon. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. up around 50 midafternoon. by then, a little sun breaking out. thankfully a light wind today. seven-day outlook in 10 minutes. good morning. a live look from chopper 4, tom. the earlier crash has you make your way northbound at 123.
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that's out of the roadway. it was blocking the left lanes. you're heavy on the brakes. still delayed here from quantico to the beltway. it will take 15 minutes to make that trip. 29 in burtonsville. southbound 29 right here at 198, just on the right shoulder lane. aaron and eun. >> 6:12. new reason to have hope in the fight against alzheimer's. how the suspect in the colorado movie
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welcome back at 6:14. the man charged in the deadly mass shooting at a colorado theater has reportedly been trying to kill himself in jail. james holmes rammed his head into a jail cell wall. he was due in court today but
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the judge delayed the hearing. he killed 12 and injured 52 others during a screening of the "dark knight rises" over the summer. the prime minister of belize is asking founder john mcafee to stop hiding and talk to police about his neighbor's murder. mcafee is wanted for questioning in the death of his american neighbor last weekend in belize. in a telephone interview with the associated press mcafee says he's hiding unarmed accompanied by a young woman and constantly moving to stay ahead of police. >> to trust myself in their hands is menacing. i really do. beat me and then execute me. and i did not kill him. i can't ever see myself doing anything like that. >> the 67-year-old admits he had differences with him and his dogs were poisoned by his neighbors or government agents.
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deepwater horizon exploded and killed 12 workers. any settlement agreement subject to court approval >> a laptop containing sensitive nasa information has been stolen potentially putting thousands of workers at risk. the computer was taken from a locked car. it canned personal information, including social security numbers for thousands of employees and contractors. nasa's administrator banned anyone from taking unen crypted information. poverty is on the rise. according to new numbers from the census bureau, 49.7 million
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people are living some poverty, up from $49 million in 2010. medical expenses, higher living costs and more limited access to government programs for immigrants are all considered factors in the rise. the states with the highest poverty rates, d.c. ranks second, california tops the list. scientists say they have discovered a gene mutation that triples the chance of a person contracting alzheimer's. it is uncommon, showing up in less than 1% of people. this discovery is important because it may yield new clues about the causes of alzheimers and how to treat it >> 45 million americans are smokers. today is the day to try to quit. today is the 37th annual great american smokeout, encouraging an end to smoking. according to the american cancer society, tobacco use is responsible for one in five deaths. today george washington university president steven nenn will announce a plan to make its campuses completely smoke free by next fall. 17 after the hour. hope solo and stevens got
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married hours after a fight over where the couple would live over their tuesday wedding. officers responded to the the home in seattle said she had a cut on her elbow. they arrested stevens on suspicion of assault. solo was not commenting on what happened. in court tuesday a judge released stevens saying there was no probable cause for the assault. the couple got married just hours later. hope solo's u.s. soccer teammate tweeted she was, quote, happy to witness such an amazing celebration of love. speaking of for retail employees who have to head to work as stores open on thanksgiving. on to target ceo has received more than 200,000 signatures from people opposed to the store opening
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thanksgiving night. a target associate started the petition after target, walmart, toys "r" us opened its doors on thanksgiving morning, meaning employees will have to report to work instead spending time with their families. target said they're just keeping up with customer demand. we are two weeks into the season and wizards still don't have a win. 107-101 loss to the dallas mavericks last night. the last team in the league without a win. this is the second worst start in franchise history. the worst start was last season when the wizards lost their first eight games. the nats won't be winning every postseason award this year. gonzalez finished third in the race for the cy young award. mets dickey won that award which goes to the best pitcher. it's been a good week for the nats. harper named rookie of the year. johnson won manager of the year on tuesday. this morning a glimmer of hope as people clean up the mess sandy left behind in new jersey. donna found a military jacket belonging to a world war ii hero
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while sifting through debris. at first she thought the jacket was a costume. then she noticed the name degarve written by hand. he died in 1993 but his 98-year-old widow is still alive and living in virginia. the governor september the jacket to west point to be cleaned and then it will be september to his widow. >> it's awesome that history is constantly teaching us something. i want to say thanks for the invitation to julius west middle school. went out and talked to the b.o.s.s. club, brotherhood of superstars. they had questions about television and news and we talked about life in general. a lot of really good questions came from the kids. so i appreciate the invitation. and also want to say thanks for the great t-shirt that they gave me from the julius west jaguars. >> i want to know what the
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student asked you. >> he had questions just about words of encouragement for young people who are trying to get into this line of work, journalism and such. he got my car. he's going to e-mail me more questions. >> very cool. all right. 6:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> good morning. off to another cold start. cloudiness streaming from the south. a disturbance over the carolinas. rain will stay to our south. a lot of cloudiness. farther west, the cloud cover breaks up in maryland, west virginia, central shenandoah valley where it is coldest. at or below freezing there. closer to washington, above freezing around montgomery, arlington, fairfax. generally the mid-30s. near 40 degrees. also, much of southern maryland, eastern shore, 40s there. and the four-day forecast showing this unusual chill continuing. it does look like we will remain colder than average into the weekend.
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cloudiness today. sunny saturday. right now the latest on the coastal storm. it will be farther out to sea. and it may not affect us at all with any precipitation. stay tuned. chilly mid week. i'll be back in 10 minutes. good morning. good morning. kicking off our first traffic report first with the rails. glen mont, a track problem there. so you're seeing tracking on the red line between wheaton and glen mont. over to the roadways, i-270 southbound germantown picking up volume. out of frederick, you are pretty much jammed. very sluggish towards clarksburg in tt area. 66, usual delays as you wake your way past 70 east bound. your travel lanes are open. you're starting to slow down a bit to the beltway. under speed. that drive will take you 12 minutes. eun, back over to you. 6:22.
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the spray that will supposedly keep your man faithful. >> a spray? >> i don't know. the new proposal to lower taxes for homeowners in our area. . say it ain't so. why you might not be able to eat a
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energy drink drama.
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of government is now taking a closer look at potential changes for the 5-hour energy, the dangers of 5-hour energy drink after the food and drug administration received 13 death reports since 2008 that mentioned the highly calf feeted drink. there is no proof that it contributed to the deaths. cases call for more studies. a hormone could help men with wandering eyes stay faithful. a group of men were given the so-called love hormone oxytocin in the form of nasal spray. another group got a placebo.
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they kept a greater distance when approached by attractive women. we were talking about this earlier. can you prove that the ones who did not go near the attractive women who approached them were just doing it because they're good men who know better. >> or they have been well traepbd by their women. >> like fear of death? >> exactly. 6:27 is our time right now. the local university kicked off the list of best colleges. and a local college student accused of killing her roommate. i may not be what police say is. >> off to another cool start. meteorologist tom kierein will let you know if a warmup is anywhere in si
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good morning. i'm meteorologist tom
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6:30. the death toll is rising. new plan being put together to stop 20 schools from closing in d.c. the president's response to
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the concern that the petraeus affair may have leaked government secrets as the former cia director reveals why he decided to testify on capitol hill. welcome back to news 4 today. . i'm eun yang. as we were packing lunch this morning you may soon be living in a twinkie-less world. what may force hostess to stop production for good. no more twinkies forever and ever. first we want to talk about the weather. taking a look at the current conditions right now. it is cold out there. >> tom kierein knows that. he is outside on our weather deck. >> you need a puffy coat, your warmest winter coat. gloves on both. all bundled up, layered up. it is a cold morning. it's above freeze. temperatures throughout the region in the mid-30s.
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cloudiness passing from the south. mountain region it's even colder. temperatures there into the low 20s. locally into montgomery, fairfax, it's in the mid-30s. all throughout the west of virginia. a wind blowing 10, 15 miles per hour. it's a light wind but enough to penetrate. we'll stay cloudy through the noon hour. by midafternoon, a little sun breaking out with highs around 50. sunrise, 6:51. sunset, 4:54. i'm back in 10 minutes with the hometown forecast. >> good morning, tom. checking delays in the area. if you're traveling i-95, a slow trip. a live look from chopper 4 traveling or just sluggish. check your travel speed out of quantico. 52 minutes to get to the beltway. the outer loop starting to hit
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the brakes new hampshire avenue. i-# 5. sluggish to georgia avenue. if you're trying to get to i-270, under speed at 36 miles per ur. over to 50 inbound. heavy on the brakes at 4:10. these delays continue as you you make your way to kenworth avenue. melissa ma lay is at the live desk. the death toll on the gaza strip has list tone 14, and four of the dead are children. overnight three were killed in rocket fire from the gaza strip. they launched an offensive. hamas has launched 700 rocket attacks since theeginning of the year. some feel the attacks will lead to an all-out war. washington university no longer ranked one of the top
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universities in the country. gw removed from the coveted list. the university says it mistakenly inflated the high school standings ofncoming students by 20% the past decade. gw had been ranked 51st. the school will remain unranked until the 2014 best colleges bubble indication is released. he said he regrets the error and is making insurance to make sure it does not happen again. >> the parents of d.c. schoolchildren can weigh in on a plan to close as many as 20 schools. the goal is to close under performing schools. no schools would close in 1 and 3. the meeting is this afternoon. another meeting on monday. d.c. council member wants to lower how much the district increases property taxes. d.c. council finance and revenue chairman evans says he wants legislation to limit home owner property tax incree toss 5% a
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year. right now the current limit is 10%. evans said the city is seeing the benefits from two decades of aggressive redevelopment and wants long-time homeowners to stay in their home. a connection between at least four incidents in two nights targeting women. police say they are investigating a sex assault in a series of robberies in northeast this past friday and saturday. officers are looking for four young men driving an older red nissan mexico. closing arguments today for a student facing murder charges. dominique frazier was started in 11th. defense attorneys say the stabbing was accidental. they got into a fight over loud music. a friend of the victim said frazier hit simpson and simpson had a knife and may have meant to cut frazier. she asked for a new roommate two
6:36 am
weeks before the deadly fight. their first pay raises in four years after months of intense negotiations. arbitrator ruled that they owed raises to make up for pay freezes stemming from the recession. some are as high asst 12%. it will cost $8 million at a time when they are projecting a $125 million budget shortfall. the county acknowledged it could use a reserve fund to pay for the increases. a new study shows the dream act could impact not just education but the state's economy and crime as well. the maryland institute of policies and research looked into the new law passed on election day.
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maryland live will bring in table games and add to slot machines already in the building. they will play poker and blackjack 24 hours a day. it will add 1200 employees which would double its staff. they hope to complete expansion by early spring. >> 6:37 right now. the the new owner for robert griffin iii says he has never seen this before. a medical mistake. one woman claims was left in her foot after surgery. and we are closing in on the end of an era. what will happen today that could decide whether you can buy a twinkie ever again. 6:37. 45 degrees out there. cold. how long will these temperatures
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welcome back. social media can really get your mental out there. these two kids can attest to that. they wanted a cat. their dad told them they could adopt one if 1,000 people liked them on facebook. guess what, 7-year-old and 1-year-old posted a picture on their mom's page. it has generated more than
6:41 am
111,000 likes and 100,000 shares. of course the dad had to honor his end of the bet. they got a cat. charging a 7-year-old. >> especially with social media? no. you're done, dad. >> i know better to challenge my kids on those sorts of things. >> 6:41 right now. 44 chilly degrees as we look from city cam over -- i can never tell. looking into virginia from this angle, right? >> no. looking into the district of columbia from virginia across the potomac. a lot of cloudiness around. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. it is cold. a blustery wind out of the northeast. right now near 40 in washington. much of southern maryland, into virginia as well as the eastern shore. it's above freezing. shenandoah, into the mountains, many locations down into the 20s
6:42 am
this morning. hometown forecast, fairfax city, up 30s. a little sun breaking out. a little sunshine, mid-40s by then. hour by hours, here's the regional forecast. a little sun breaking out. but a cold morning and chilly afternoon. good morning. >> good morning. well, tom, it is a slow commute. getting a report of an accident in southeast at alabama avenue. i am seeing delays inbound in that area. be aware if you're taking that commute. 395 northbound at seminary road. delays start around duke. as you make your way to the beltway, under speed at 29 miles per hour. the trip will take you 23 minutes as of right now. i-270, making your way southbound connecting to the beltway. sluggish in this area. delays around germantown.
6:43 am
270 there are no accidents. over to you. >> thanks so much. 6:42. the scandal that's cost former cia director david petraeus his job cost his mistress some of her privileges. she lost her clearance. and jill kelley had her pass to mac dill in florida suspended as well. jill kelley is his friend and came to him when she started receiving threatening e-mails. he went to a congressman who directed him to house majority leader eric cantor. humphreys said he sent a picture of himself shirtless years ago as a joke. the president said he only learned of the relationship a
6:44 am
week ago. he says he and petraeus met privately at the white house last wednesday when the now former cia director offered his resignation. he said he has provided this country an extraordinary service. . petraeus will testify before congress tomorrow about september's deadly attack in benghazi, libya. the house and senate intelligence committees will begin holding hearings on the attack which hilliard four americans, including chris stevens. acting cia director michael morell will be among those answering questions. president obama is firing back at republicans who have blasted u.n. ambassador susan rice's response to the attacks in benghazi. they criticized her for insisting that the attack was sparked by anger over an anti-islam film despite the fact that it was a coordinated attack. senator john mccain is trying to
6:45 am
block her if she is chosen to succeed hillary clinton. bracing for the so-called fiscal cliff. the dow closed down 185 points yesterday, its third triple digit loss in a little more than a week. nasdaq is down 10% from just september. investors say the fear of grid lock on capitol hill is driving the tailspin. but the president and republicans both say they are ready to make a deal. as i've said before, i'm open to compromise and open to new ideas. and i've been encouraged the last week to hear republican after republican agree on the need for more revenue from the wealthiest americans. >> it has grown massively. under republican administration. 15 before the hour right now.
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mitt romney offering a frank reason for why he lost thing election to president obama. in a conference call he said, "gifts" offered to minority voters during his first term pushed blacks, hispanics and young people to vote for him again. the gifts were things like the passage of obama care, forgiveness of college loan interest, dream act legislation for undocumented immigrants, and contraception coverage. more than 70% of hispanics and 90% of blacks voted for president obama in the election. a florida restaurant owner is taking criticism of obama care to the next level. john metz, who owns 40 denny's restaurants and a grill and wing franchise will add a 5% surcharge to customers's bills in 2014. he said passing on obama care to customers is his only alternative to a potential rise in health care costs. he will cut the hours to under 30 hours to avoid a penalty he would face for not insuring some
6:47 am
of his workers. warner is still deciding whether he wants to run for governor of virginia. he would be an early favorite to win. warner leads republican candidate and current lieutenant governor bowling by 20 points in a new quinnipiac university poll. he leads kaoufp nellie by 18 points. warner hasz said he will decide by thanksgiving if he wants to run next year. detectives in prince george's county are investigating what led to a deadly shooting involving a sheriff's deputy. this happened on 63rd avenue near kennel worth avenue. the sheriff deputy tried to serve a peace order, which is similar to a protective order. a woman answered the door and let him in. a man came out from another room with a gun. the deputy fired his weapon, killing the man. >> what really happened? i don't know. but the thought that this is our neighborhood and is is knowing these people.
6:48 am
>> the sheriff's deputy is now on administrative leave. police hope images from a security camera can help track down this man. he robbed a walmart and shot a store manager. the manager followed the gunman outside to the parking lot. he is expected to be okay. today president obama heads to areas hit hard by hurricane sandy. today he willew york's staten island to evaluate recovery efforts. this is the first time he's toured the damaged zone since two weeks ago when he visited parts of the jersey shore with governor chris christie days after the storm made landfall. fema is considering asking congress for a bailout as it deals with insurance claims from sandy. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. fema may need a bailout for its national flood insurance
6:49 am
program. claims may be four times greater than the program's capacity. it has the ability to buy $3 billion but faces as much as $12 billion in storm-related claims. it is the country's only flood insurer for residential property. it would require congressional approval. in other news, starbucks has a new caffeine addiction, tea. it is buying teavana for $620 million. the company's biggest acquisition ever. schultz said the company will try to bring a starbucks-like experience to teavana. he said stores will update with a tea bar, selling hot and cold drinks and plans to expand and opening in more urban areas other than shopping malls where it currently has most of its location. >> thank you. you know them and you know you love them. the twinkie has been a snack
6:50 am
classic for decades. a guilty pleasure. they could soon be a thing of the past. i'm talking very soon. hostess is warning striking employees it will try to liquidate the company unless enough head back to work by the end of today. they have been on the picket lines since last week because of court-ordered paycuts. they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. if the company successfully liquidates operations could stop as soon as next tuesday. have you ever had a twinkie? do as i say and not as i do. >> let's hope everything works. >> all right. >> ladies, if you ever felt like another woman was checking you out, you might be right. >> women spend more time analyzing other women as competition for a man.
6:51 am
women fessed up to comparing weight, height, to clothes and handbags. some say they look for signs of dyed hair and plastic surgery. come on! they compare themselves to co-workers, friends. the beam was the most common for women-to-women analyzing. we like to look at other women especially if i admire her style, shoes, bags. that woman looks put together. i would like to know where she got her nice shoes or blouse or her hair is done really well. >> the conversation is like does she think those are real? >> i think you don't give us enough credit, aaron. just saying. >> tom kierein is here to look at this chill in the air. >> i'm taking over the show now. good morning. a cold start this morning no matter what you're wearing and who is looking at it. you hopefully are dressed warmly. look at this. it feels like winter.
6:52 am
looking like autumn. a gorgeous japanese maple in full autumn glory by one of our viewers from yesterday afternoon. gorgeous picture there. send yours. you can follow me on twitter and like on facebook. as we look at our sky now, a little of sliver of light on the eastern horizon. 42 now at reagan national. got a wind coming down the potomac 10 miles per hour. a disturbance to our south. it's streaming this cloud cover up over us. no precipitation coming from the clouds purchase right now only the clouds above freezing in the 30s to 40s in southern maryland and by the bay. 20s in the shenandoah valley. for your morning commute, be glad you're wearing a puffy coat. temperatures in the 30s to 40.
6:53 am
by noon time, the chill in the air. by midafternoon, near 50. storm team 4, sun breaking out this afternoon. more sun tomorrow, saturday and sunday. but cold mornings and chilly afternoons. the coastal storm will be farther out to sea. won't gets any precipitation from it. a look at traffic now. good morning. >> good morning. let's check the rails first. if you're traveling on the red line, delays in both directions. still causing delays. 892 no delays at this time. traveling on the road, 29 southbound as you make your way past. you are starting to slow down just a bit. it is stop and go to the beltway. >> 6:53. a maryland womans she was in so
6:54 am
much pain after a doctor left a piece of equipment in her foot following surgery. now she is threatening to sue over the medical mistake. she said she had surgery nine months ago at montgomery medical center. she said a doctor removed a bunion but left something behind. she kept complaining that her foot her a week after surgery but the doctor sent her home without an x-ray. a second doctor checked her out and found a broken drill bit. >> i didn't put it in myself so someone needs to pay for that. someone needs to take care of that. i haven't been able to work. i haven't been able to pay my bills. >> medstar tells news 4 it will look into the matter and get back with us today. she made headlines a few years ago for trying to keep a pet monkey in montgomery county. the white tail deer are safe from hunters for now. a hold on a scheduled deer kill
6:55 am
in rock creek park pending the outcome of a lawsuit. several residents and animal rights advocates filed a suit to stop the white tail deer to be killed. the court is expected to rule on the matter in march. the new home of the redskins training camp will review a plan to put up $10 million to have them ready by this summer. richmond plans to pull the money from construction budgets for a new city jail and schools. those are expected to remain on track. $10 million will be repaid through sponsorships. the camp will include two football fields, field house and medical facility. you may notice something different about robert griffin iii jersey. it will have a captain's "c" on it. he was voted captain by other
6:56 am
players. he joins trent williams, fletcher, cofield and bowen. shanahan says he thinks this is the first time he has had a rookie captain. a celebration -- >> sorry. >> he's no typical rookie. >> that's true. a debilitating disease may have left him wheelchair bound but didn't stop him from living out his dream on the gridiron. 9-year-old jason smith is restricted to a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy. he's been watching his twin brother from the sidelines. with just a few minutes left in the game, jason's father, also the team coach, gave him the ball and a teammate pushed him all the way into the end zone. afterwards a big celebration by both teams. >> awesome. >> that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic, and any breaking news. back here tomorrow 4:28.
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hope you'll join us then.
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